DIY Frameless Adult Painting by Numbers on Canvas "Sunset Wave" Hand Painted Art



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Do you remember the classic painting-by-numbers artwork you did as a kid? Revive those fond memories with our new Paint-by-numbers kits for adults. Our paintings are completed on high quality canvas and you have the option of framing your masterpiece upon completion!The printing on the canvas is clear and easy to see and the paints provided are high quality and vibrant!

Acrylic paints 
Use the paints directly, however, you can add a little water if necessary. Most areas are usually covered by the first coat of paint. Some lighter colors do require multiple coats before the numbers and lines are covered. If you fill in a wrong color, wait the paint to get dry and then cover the wrong color with the correct paint on the surface.

Flexible nylon brushes 
There are 3 brushes, the medium brush is used most of the time. You can use the larger brush to paint larger areas and use the smaller brush to paint the very detailed areas. Wash the brush cleanly every time you finish painting one color.

Quality canvas 
Clearly printed canvas with numbers and lines for DIY paint by number kits.

The paint dries quickly, so paint pots are best closed when not in use. The paints are enough for finishing the painting, so please do not waste the paints. This is a good practice to avoid paint shortage. If you happen to have the paint on your clothes, please wash immediately.


  • Includes high-quality acrylic paints and flat, medium and small  brushes (3 brushes)
  • 1 Pre-printed canvas. 40 x 50 cm No frame
  • There is a printed black and white paper copy for reference


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