DIY 5D Diamond Rhinestone Painting "Star Wars " Cross Stitch Painting Artwork Size


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DIY Diamond Painting or Rhinestone Art work is the close cousin to painting-by-numbers! If you've enjoyed completing traditional paint by numbers, you'll  be amazed by this innovative technique where you place hundreds of 3d and 5d resin diamonds on oil cloth to create a dazzling masterpiece! 


  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: No-fade 100% full drill resin diamonds; Superior quality HD oil cloth (canvas)
  • EASY TO USE: The HD oil cloth (canvas) features vibrant colored blocks with corresponding codes (letters, numbers and symbols). Just match your diamonds to these codes to create your work of art!
  • DAZZLING DISPLAY: The facets of the resin diamonds reflect light creating a sparkly masterpiece upon completion.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: All materials used in this diamond embroidery kit are non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • REDUCES STRESS: Working on your diamond painting art project helps alleviate stress; quiet calming environment.
  • STIMULATES KEY AREAS OF THE BRAIN: Increase your motor skills, mental clarity and creativity by systematically working on your rhinestone embroidery artwork!


  • 1X high quality printed canvas(oil cloth)
  • Packets of 3D and 5D resin diamonds
  • 1X Instruction manual
  • Tools: Tweezers, Pick-up pen, diamond mud, drill plate



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